Sean Patrick Gallagher

What is the RAD Challenge?

The RAD Challenge is an idea I stole entirely and shamelessly from my good friend Aneesh Chaganty. Aneesh is a filmmaker studying at USC whose films I’ve had the pleasure of composing music for on a couple of occasions. Wanting to expand his cinematic expertise, he determined that he would dedicate a year to watching movies; he will watch and write a blog about one per day for the academic year 2010-2011. He called it the MAD (Movie A Day) Challenge.

I loved Aneesh’s idea and thought his system could apply just as well to music. Starting today, I will make every effort possible (i.e. convenient) to listen to one record per day. I can’t promise I’ll write up every one, but I’ll certainly try. Admittedly, my take on the original “Challenge” lacks the panache of paralleling the school year, much less the ingenuity of being even marginally original. Still, I hope it will prove educational to me and, possibly, entertaining to anyone who may stumble upon the blog.

Here are the rules:

1. I listen to one record every day for the next year.

2. I cannot listen to a record that was already included in the Challenge more than once and have it count.

3. I cannot listen to a record in advance. I can only make up for my debt if I have accumulated one.

Thanks, Aneesh. Wish me luck.


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